Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Air Cond Malaysia: LG Air Conditioners Indoor LG's 4-way Protection System

Air Cond Malaysia: LG Air Conditioners Indoor  LG's 4-way Protection System

LG Air Conditioners' Indoor

unit creates natural breeze with minimized noise. Save up to 60% Energy

When indoor temperature reach your desired level, Inverter technology can operate compressor at low speed and maintain the desired temperature, thus saving power up to 60%

Allergy Filter
Certified by British Allergy Foundation, we can confidently say our filter removes allergens that causes rashes as well as asthma.

H1N1 Filter
Our H1N1 filter is backed by Kitasato Labotory to effectively remove H1N1 viruses in the air.

Stand Alone Air Purifier
Just pressing the Plasma button on the remote, you can use the air con as an air purifier without the need of using the air conditioning cooling function.

Plasma Filter
The PLASMA Air Purifying System developed uniquely by LG not only removes microscopic contaminant and dust, but also removes house mites, pollen, pet fur and odour such as cigarette smell and haze.

Triple Filter
Triple filter consists of 3 different organic compound filters that eliminate discomfort and pain of eye and throat. It also can remove bad odor.

Auto Clean
It runs for 30 minutes after you have press the off button on the remote control, to blow dry the coil surface area to prevent dust from sticking on it.
Silent @ 19dB

Air Cond Malaysia: LG Air Conditioners Indoor  LG's 4-way Protection System

LG is recognized throughout the globe for its innovative technology. With its revolutionary "4-way Protection System", LG continues to lead the industry, delivering reliable Air Conditioning technology that exceeds customer expectation in terms of health and safety. LG introduces an enhanced protection system that goes beyond industry standards to keep you and your family safe and secure through a series of four unique stage: filtering, deodorizing, eliminating and auto cleaning to help prevent the spread of harmful viruses. Keep your home environment safe for you and your family. With LG, you can rest assured that your health is in good hands. 

Source : http://www.lg.com/my/air-conditioning/room-air-conditioner/LG-inverter-wall-single-split-V24CDT.jsp

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Air Cond Malaysia: Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner

Air Cond Malaysia,Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner

The Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner™ is on the cutting edge in cooling technology and design! It provides cold air where you need it most - in whatever room you're in!

You'll discover the next generation of portable air conditioners with 40-50% more cooling power! The Plasma Cool can be plugged into any household outlet to transform any room in your home into a "cool zone."

The Plasma Cool delivers 14,000 BTUs for remarkable maximum cooling power and now it comes with patented Auto Drain technology, which means there is no water to drain. The Plasma Cool rolls easily from room to room, blending seamlessly into any decor.

Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner™ is designed to cool rooms up to 500-600 sq. ft!

The Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner™ is perfect for room or zone cooling. The Plasma Cool is a superior cooling solution for people without central air conditioning systems. It's even a great secondary cooling source for those hot spots that never seem to stay cool!

You just plug it in, vent it out a window and get cool now. There is no special outlet to be installed by an expensive electrician, no holes to cut in your home and no ugly box hanging out of your window.

Plasma Cool presents an elegant design that beautifies any room! It comes with a built in LCD Display, remote control and is programmable.

More info here: https://www.plasmacool.com/

Thursday, May 19, 2011

LG Air Conditioners Neo Plasma Plus Air Purifying System

LG Air Conditioners are not all about technology, design & style are just as important. We understand that an Air Conditioner needs to suit your home and we have revolutionised the appearance of the Air Conditioner with the launch of the ARTCOOL range, which has won a number of prestigious international design awards.

Neo Plasma Plus Air Purifying System, Auto CleanNeo Plasma Plus Air Purifying System, Auto Clean, CHAOS Wind (Auto Wind), Auto Operation (MicomControl), Restart Delay:3 Minute, Sleep Operation, Deodorizing Filter, Soft Dry Operation, Self Diagnosis, Gold Fin, Jet Cool

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


PANASONIC AIR COND, CS-S18MKH,CU-S18MKH,2.0HP, malaysia air cond, air conditioner, cool air, best air cond malaysia


Intelligent Inverter
5 Star Energy Rating Product
ADVANCED+PLUS e-ion Air Purifying System with Patrol Sensor
Mild Dry Cooling

General Information
Indoor Model Number CS-S18MKH
Outdoor Model Number CU-S18MKH
Btu/h 18,000 (3,750 -20,500)
kW 5.27 (1.10-6.00)
EER [Btu/hW] 12.2
L/h 2.9
Pt/h 6.1
Air Circulation (Indoor/Hi)
m3/min 17.7
ft3/min 625
Product Dimensions
Dimension H X W X D mm
(Indoor) 290 X 1,070 X 235
(Outdoor) 540 X 780 X 289
Product Weight
Net Weight kg
(Indoor) 12
(Outdoor) 33
Technical Features
Liquid Side mm (inch) 6.35 (1/4)
Gas Side mm (inch) 12.70 (1/2)
Power Supply Indoor
Comfortable Features
ADVANCED+PLUS e-ion Air Purifying System Yes
Patrol Sensor Yes
SUPER Alleru-Buster Filter No
Odour-Removing Function Yes
Removable, Washable Panel Yes
Catechin Air Purifying Filter No
Solar Refreshing Deodorizing Filter No
ECONAVI Dual Sensor Yes
Inverter Control Yes
Mild Dry Cooling Yes
Quiet Mode Yes
Powerful Mode Yes
Soft Dry Operation Mode Yes
Wide & Long Airflow Vane No
Personal Airflow Creation Yes
Airflow Direction Control (Up & Down) No
Manual Airflow Direction Control (Left & Right) No
Manual Horizontal Airflow Direction Control No
Sleep Mode Auto-Control No
Automatic Operation Mode (Cooling) Yes
Convenient Features
24-Hour ON&OFF Dual Real Setting Timer Yes
24-Hour ON&OFF Real Setting Timer No
12-Hour ON&OFF Setting Timer No
LCD Wireless Remote Controller Yes
Wired Remote Controller No
Reliable Features
Auto Restart No
Random Auto Restart (32 Restart Patterns) Yes
Self-Diagnostic Function Yes
Blue Fin Condenser Yes
Long Piping 20m
Top-Panel Maintenance Access Yes
Rated Voltage 230V
Running Current 6.7
Power Input 1,470W (290-1,700)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Haier Wine Chiller JC-160GD

Haier Wine Chiller JC-160GD, air cond malaysia, air conditioner

  • Capacity : 160L

  • Bottle Storage : 51

  • External Humidity and Temperature Control

  • With Temperature Display ( 4° C - 18° C )

  • Adjustable Wooden Rack

  • Interior Lights

  • Type:

    Wine Chiller



    No. Of Bottles:




    External Humidity Display:


    External Temperature Control:


    Temperature Range:

    4° C - 8° C

    Wooden Rack:


    Wooden Drawer:


    Interior Lamp :


    Anti-UV Glass Door:


    Carbon Filter:




    CFC Free :


    Net Dimensions (W×D×H) MM:

    506 X 595 X 1280

    Net Weight (KG):


    Saturday, April 30, 2011

    USP Haier Room Air Conditioner

    USP Haier Room Air Conditioner

    Healthy Negative Ion

    a) An Abundance of Natural Negative Ions up to 20,000 ions/cc
    b) Enjoy the feeling of a forest at home. Just press the health button, your room is filled with refreshing ions.

    Healthy Negative Ions in the air have been found to have the following benefits:
    i) Eliminates bacteria dust mites
    ii) Removes bad odors and smoke
    iii) Eliminates potentially harmful chemical pollutants
    iv) Alleviates fatigue and allergies besides increasing the feeling of calmness and less irritability

    Bacteria Killing (3-in1) Medium

    The new remarkable Haier Backteria Killing (3-in-1) Medium combines 3 effects in 1 : Anti-Allergen, Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacteria protection to keep your room clean and healthy. It deactivates and protects you from dust mites, pollen, mold, virues and bacteria.

    3-in-1 Effects:
    a) Anti-Allergen Protection : Inactivates Filter-Captures Allergens
    b) Anti-Virus Protection : Inactivates Filter-Captures Viruses
    c) Anti-Bacteria Protection : Enzymatic Action Eliminates Filter-Captured Bacteria

    Photocatalyst Filter

    Eliminates the air of wide variety of odor-causing substances from cigarette smoke particles to chemical vapors. It helps to trap harmful dust and remove unpleasant odors effectively.

    Energy Saving up to 51%

    Haier Digital DC Inverter Air-Conditioner, equipped with Hi-performance digital DC inverter compressor, digital conversion circuit and permanent-magnetic rotor. Enery saving by 51% than fixed frequency type or normal system.

    LED Temperature Display

    New Appearance of temperature and operation setting with LED digital display

    Warranty On All Risk Insurance

    2 Years All Risk Insurance
    Purchase of Haier 300L refrigerator will entitle the customer to a complimentary 2 Years All Risk Insurance.

    The All Risk Insurance will provide additional peace-of-mind apart from the normal product warranty, covering the unit from accidents such as Man-Made or Nature Disaster; Fire, Flood, Lightning, Strike, Theft, Accidental Damage, subject to the Terms and C

    2 Years General Warranty
    5 Years Compressor Warranty

    "To ensure complete peace-of-mind while using your Haier Refrigerator in your home. Haier now provides you with 2 years of warranty for parts and 5 years for the compressor."

    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    Samsung Inverter Air Cond - Complete comfort. Total efficiency.

    Samsung’s S-Inverter not only reaches your desired temperature quickly, it maintains it without all the inefficient on-and-off required by most ACs. With S-Inverter, you don’t have to shut the power off to conserve energy and keep your bill down. The AC automatically changes its operation mode to economic, saving up to 50% in energy consumption compared with a non-inverter AC, while still delivering ultimate comfort at your exact desired temperature. And, it doesn’t only require less energy, it produces less vibration, so your environment is as peaceful as it is comfortable.