Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Air Cond Malaysia: LG Air Conditioners Indoor LG's 4-way Protection System

Air Cond Malaysia: LG Air Conditioners Indoor  LG's 4-way Protection System

LG Air Conditioners' Indoor

unit creates natural breeze with minimized noise. Save up to 60% Energy

When indoor temperature reach your desired level, Inverter technology can operate compressor at low speed and maintain the desired temperature, thus saving power up to 60%

Allergy Filter
Certified by British Allergy Foundation, we can confidently say our filter removes allergens that causes rashes as well as asthma.

H1N1 Filter
Our H1N1 filter is backed by Kitasato Labotory to effectively remove H1N1 viruses in the air.

Stand Alone Air Purifier
Just pressing the Plasma button on the remote, you can use the air con as an air purifier without the need of using the air conditioning cooling function.

Plasma Filter
The PLASMA Air Purifying System developed uniquely by LG not only removes microscopic contaminant and dust, but also removes house mites, pollen, pet fur and odour such as cigarette smell and haze.

Triple Filter
Triple filter consists of 3 different organic compound filters that eliminate discomfort and pain of eye and throat. It also can remove bad odor.

Auto Clean
It runs for 30 minutes after you have press the off button on the remote control, to blow dry the coil surface area to prevent dust from sticking on it.
Silent @ 19dB

Air Cond Malaysia: LG Air Conditioners Indoor  LG's 4-way Protection System

LG is recognized throughout the globe for its innovative technology. With its revolutionary "4-way Protection System", LG continues to lead the industry, delivering reliable Air Conditioning technology that exceeds customer expectation in terms of health and safety. LG introduces an enhanced protection system that goes beyond industry standards to keep you and your family safe and secure through a series of four unique stage: filtering, deodorizing, eliminating and auto cleaning to help prevent the spread of harmful viruses. Keep your home environment safe for you and your family. With LG, you can rest assured that your health is in good hands. 

Source : http://www.lg.com/my/air-conditioning/room-air-conditioner/LG-inverter-wall-single-split-V24CDT.jsp

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