Thursday, August 23, 2007

5 Ways To Increase To Your Website

Millions of websites online can be placed in their own specialcategory of "Deserted Town". The only life you can find thereare those of the webmasters who created them. This is becausethey get very few, if any, targeted visitors. For these websiteowners, there are simple techniques they can use to increasewebsite traffic.Read on and I will give you five ways to increase websitetraffic to your website. These aren't hidden secrets and theywon't give you millions of hits per month for just $ 9.99. (I'msure you know what I mean). However they are effective and usingthem will increase website traffic to your website. And thevisitors that you get will be more profitable because they willbe targeted.Increase Website TrafficYou can pay to increase website traffic. (I've decided to getthe money spending out of the way first). There are many waysyou can pay to increase website traffic; here are three (3)popular ones.· pay-per-click· ezine ads· website adsBefore you use any of these paying methods to increase websitetraffic to your website, I want you to first examine your websitewith your ideal customer in mind. What keywords will they use tofind your website in the search engines? Write them down.Increase Website Traffic - Technique 1Pay-Per-ClickNow you're ready to increase website traffic with pay-per-clicksearch engines. Start by using the keywords you have writtendown, go to the free keyword suggestion tool at digitalpoint.comand type in the search box one keyword at a time and press the'suggest' button.The results will show you how many people search for yourkeyword each day and also suggest other keywords you can useand the number of visits they get each day. Write down thisinformation or create a spreadsheet with the headings 'keyword','visits per day', and 'pay-per-click cost'. Your pay per clickcost depends on which pay-per-click search engine you use, thecompetition for your keywords and on how much you're willing topay for a click.Once you've finished the spreadsheet, sign up for an accountwith the pay-per-click-search engine of your choice and bid onyour keywords.You will notice that the keywords with the most visits per daycost more per click than those with less. To get more clicks foryour money the trick is to bid on those keywords which have afew visitors a day. There is less competition for these keywordsso your bid price should be low.Increase Website Traffic - Technique 2Ezine AdsWhen using ezine ads place them in ezines which are related toyour market, which have subscribers who would be interested inyour product or service. You can find ezines in ezine directoriesand you should be subscribed to a few of them already - startwith these.Increase Website Traffic - Technique 3Website AdsFor website ads, use the keyword list you made for yourpay-per-click marketing. Starting with the keyword that gets themost visits per day, do a search at a search engine. Researchthe first ten (10) to twenty (20) websites looking for anyinformation which indicates that they sell advertising spaceon their website, like 'Advertise With Us'. If you don't seeany advertising information look for a 'Contact' page or emailaddress and send a message asking if advertising is sold ontheir website and if so then what's the cost. Once you'vefinished this research, choose where to place your ads.Increase Website Traffic - Technique 4Search Engine OptimizationTo find information online most people go to the search enginesfirst. If you're not listed in at least the first two pages ofsearch engine results for your keywords, then you're missing outon a lot of free targeted website traffic.To increase website traffic for your website using this techniquehere is a free resource for you to help optimize your website sothat you can access this free website traffic source.Click=> Website Traffic - Technique 5Article WritingAnother way to increase website traffic is by writing articlesfor your niche market and submitting them to article directoriesand ezine editors. Your increased website traffic will come fromthe resource box at the end of your articles. The resource box islike a 4 to 6 line ad telling your readers who you are and toencourage them to seek more information on your website byclicking on your website link, which you will provide.One advantage of article writing, beside the free increasedwebsite traffic, is that it will make you an expert in the eyesof your readers. This will increase your credibility and yourreaders trust in you causing them to open their minds and walletsto your recommendations.Like I said earlier the five (5) techniques I've written abouthere to increase website traffic to your website are not hiddensecrets, they're nothing new. They are used everyday by websiteowners whose websites are far from deserted. So start using oneof the techniques today and see how it goes, then try another.

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