Sunday, July 4, 2010

York and Haier – Brand New Air Conditioner with Installation

We supply new unit air conditioner from 1HP to 2.5HP brand York and HAIER.

York Cooling King Essential.

-1.0HP = RM1050.
-1.5HP = RM1380.
-2.0HP = RM2220.
-2.5HP = RM2780.

HAIER LE Series, RAC with ionizer.

-1.0HP = RM900.
-1.5HP = RM1250.
-2.0HP = RM1850.
-2.5HP = RM2250.

The price quoted is inclusive installation and free 10ft copper piping per unit.

Warranty 1 year for indoor unit and 5 year for outdoor unit.

Email us for quotation.

Any enquires please contact us at :

KNK Mastercool

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Keyn said...

salam..ade quotation utk york air-surround x?