Friday, February 25, 2011

Tips for Air-Conditioning Care

Service and maintain your air-conditioner regularly
* Check indoor fan for unusual noises.
* Clean indoor/outdoor coil.
* Clean the air filter of the indoor unit regularly. Clogged filter may freeze up the coil, reduce airflow and cooling capacity. Clean the filter once every two weeks, with vacuum cleaner, or by tapping lightly and washing in lukewarm water (below 40° C) with neutral soap.
Remove any dirt that may clog between the fins at least once a month.
* Engage contractor for preventive service
At least once every two years, check the gas pressure, wiring connection and running current.
Clean the blower fan and chemical cleaning for the coil, if necessary.

Set the thermostat between 22° C - 26° C for optimum comfort
Turn on the air-conditioner early
If you expect a hot day, it is better to turn on the air-conditioner early rather than wait until the room is hot. That way, it will be easier to cool the room

Keep the room temperature uniform
Adjust the vertical and horizontal vanes to ensure good coverage of airflow to the room and to distribute uniform temperature.

Install indoor unit at a position where airflow is evenly distributed.

Ensure that there is no irregularity on the power plug and socket
If the plug is loosely plugged or there is any damage to the electrical wire cord, danger of short circuiting is great.

Make sure your air-conditioner is protected with a starter
TNB regulation requires a starter to limit running current as well as to act as a default-off switch. A starter will prevent fire hazards as a result from overloading and over current.

Remove the power plug when the unit is not used for a long time
Place your outdoor unit at a shady place
This would ensure higher efficiency.
Also make sure there is no obstruction to the airflow coming out of the outdoor unit

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Unknown said...

These are some very useful tips, thanks for sharing! Another tip I would like to add is to always make sure you regularly clean your unit because it will be more efficient when you do. I clean my unit from Doylestown Air Conditioning and it has always ran great every time I did.