Monday, February 11, 2008

Carrier Single-Split Wall Mounted Air Cond

Carrier Single-Split Wall Mounted

Carrier Pure Dew Series Single-Split Air-Con now comes in stylish, compact and economical units loaded with powerful features, which is ideal for HDB and private dwellings. With its Triple Clean Filter, which effectively kills bacteria, removes odour and prevents mould, you can be assured of clean and fresh air all the time. Enjoy the comfort you deserve!

Better Air Quality, More Energy Saving
Triple Clean Filter
Three layers of extra protection against the elements. This includes a dust collecting filter, a static filter for smaller dust particles, and a carbon filter for trapping odours and bacteria. Our technology ensures that you are reminded every 40 days that the filter needs cleaning

Econo Mode / Eco Mode
The Economy mode allows up to 25% energy saving. It operates at the highest possible performance with the least power consumption.

New Useful Features & Functions
12 Hr On-Off Timer
Units can be set to function or discontinue function via a 12-hour timer clock.

Auto Diagnosis
Feel save and assured with the new Carrier Air Conditioner. For your convenience, each unit is equipped with a smart auto system diagnosis that reports the unit's status to ensure fast and effective repair.

Carrier condensing unit has been tested under the strict quality control system. Especially, a compressor, key component for air conditioners has been tested over 3,500 hours as a life test.

Up to three Operating Modes plus Auto Mode
There are three operating modes in every Carrier Air Conditioning: Cooling, Dehumidification, and Fan-Only. This ensures that you can control room temperature to within that of your comfort zone all year round. There is also Automatic mode that allows the microprocessor to choose how to achieve your preferred temperature without human intervention.

Auto Restart
The indoor unit is equipped with an automatic restarting function which allows the unit to restart operating with the set operating conditions in the event of power supply being accidentally shut down. The operation will resume without warning three minutes after power is restored.

3 Selectable fan speeds, plus Auto mode and Quiet mode
Choose your desired airflow among the three fan speeds offered by the new Carrier 42CJR series air-conditioner or select the Auto fan-speed mode, which the air-conditioner choose optimal fan speed from High, Middle and Low, depending on the room temperature condition. For more choices, the Quiet fan-speed mode provides you with the most lowest fan speed at very low noise: 25dB.

Multi-Bending Heat Exchanger
The bends on our new Heat Exchanger create greater surface area, whereas heat can escape easier and the room is cooled faster with much less energy.

Random Pitch Fan with Skew Blade
With our Skew Blade technology, out-put noise has been reduced to only 26dB.

Washable Front Panel
An easily removable front panel provides quick, effortless cleaning.


Click here to download Carrier Single Split Wall Mounted's Brochure. (PDF, 1.8mb)

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Unknown said...

I'm surprised to hear that the useful life of the compressor is only 3,500 hours? If you divide that by a 12 hour cycle, you are looking at only 290 - 300 days, which is less than a year (for a bedroom type unit)?