Saturday, April 30, 2011

USP Haier Room Air Conditioner

USP Haier Room Air Conditioner

Healthy Negative Ion

a) An Abundance of Natural Negative Ions up to 20,000 ions/cc
b) Enjoy the feeling of a forest at home. Just press the health button, your room is filled with refreshing ions.

Healthy Negative Ions in the air have been found to have the following benefits:
i) Eliminates bacteria dust mites
ii) Removes bad odors and smoke
iii) Eliminates potentially harmful chemical pollutants
iv) Alleviates fatigue and allergies besides increasing the feeling of calmness and less irritability

Bacteria Killing (3-in1) Medium

The new remarkable Haier Backteria Killing (3-in-1) Medium combines 3 effects in 1 : Anti-Allergen, Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacteria protection to keep your room clean and healthy. It deactivates and protects you from dust mites, pollen, mold, virues and bacteria.

3-in-1 Effects:
a) Anti-Allergen Protection : Inactivates Filter-Captures Allergens
b) Anti-Virus Protection : Inactivates Filter-Captures Viruses
c) Anti-Bacteria Protection : Enzymatic Action Eliminates Filter-Captured Bacteria

Photocatalyst Filter

Eliminates the air of wide variety of odor-causing substances from cigarette smoke particles to chemical vapors. It helps to trap harmful dust and remove unpleasant odors effectively.

Energy Saving up to 51%

Haier Digital DC Inverter Air-Conditioner, equipped with Hi-performance digital DC inverter compressor, digital conversion circuit and permanent-magnetic rotor. Enery saving by 51% than fixed frequency type or normal system.

LED Temperature Display

New Appearance of temperature and operation setting with LED digital display

Warranty On All Risk Insurance

2 Years All Risk Insurance
Purchase of Haier 300L refrigerator will entitle the customer to a complimentary 2 Years All Risk Insurance.

The All Risk Insurance will provide additional peace-of-mind apart from the normal product warranty, covering the unit from accidents such as Man-Made or Nature Disaster; Fire, Flood, Lightning, Strike, Theft, Accidental Damage, subject to the Terms and C

2 Years General Warranty
5 Years Compressor Warranty

"To ensure complete peace-of-mind while using your Haier Refrigerator in your home. Haier now provides you with 2 years of warranty for parts and 5 years for the compressor."

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